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Office design: Stop staff being SAD this winter

Dark mornings and dark evenings are miserable for everyone but for some, the lack of natural light can dramatically affect wellbeing. Here’s how your office can help. Autumn’s arrival heralds the start of long nights and short days, when it’s dark by 4pm and early starters might find their first hour of work is also […]


Is the death of the window display imminent?

For decades, window displays have been a High Street estate agent’s hallmark but the days of refreshing pockets with property details may be numbered. Agents are showing signs of ditching one of the most established methods of advertising properties available. Although it may seem counterintuitive, given the number of people who walk past a window, […]


Office refurbishment to minimize workplace etiquette faux pas

From discussing the details of last night’s date on your personal mobile to eating a particularly pungent lunch at your desk, working in an office comes with a list of unspoken etiquette rules that you may find yourself breaking. Did you know that good office design is one of the best ways of promoting pleasant […]


Office design to match new recruitment trends

Accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has taken the bold step of asking some new recruits when and how much they’d like to work rather than enforce a rigid 9-5 working week. Applicants list their skills and strengths when applying, together with their work pattern preference, and are matched with projects rather than specific roles. This may […]


Retain employees with “tech” office design

Attracting good staff used to mean no more than offering the highest wage but in a climate of poor wage growth, employees are increasingly being swayed by office culture – a facet rooted in creative office design. Up until the late 1990s, workplaces across the country were pretty standard. Suspended ceilings with white tiles, strip […]