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Meetings: the Musk/Branson way

You may have read about a leaked email from electric car supremo Elon Musk, detailing his advice for improved staff efficiency. Musk’s six productivity guidelines heavily featured meeting etiquette, with the suggestion that you should walk out of a meeting when you have stopped adding value and that large meetings should be avoided or kept […]

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Staff involvement in office design

No employer likes to find an envelope stuffed with a resignation letter on their desk. Losing a talented member of your team can be bad for morale, figures and your wallet. It’s thought replacing an employee costs in the region of £30,000 and even when you find a new member of staff, it can take […]

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Office refurbishment: Commission now, pay later

If you’re trying to balance your books while looking out at a tired, dated office, all is not lost. An increasing number of our clients are undertaking full office interior refurbishments and commercial fit outs without blowing financial reserves or having to find upfront payments. How? Business owners are looking at leasing with fresh eyes […]

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Office design for kitchens and breakouts

We could be wishing our colleagues a happy birthday with a bunch of grapes instead of a cake, if employers follow a new health guide created by Business in the Community, in association with Public Health England. Our culture for celebrating good news with a slice of Victoria sponge or a jam doughnut has fallen […]


Integrate your kitchen with your office design

Is space at a premium in your office? Perhaps your workforce has grown at a rapid rate and office desks have taken over? Maybe your company has sublet space and you have less square footage to work with? As a result, you may have lost formal meeting rooms and place for staff to gather. Has […]