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Hot trend: Biophilic office design

Bringing the outside in with biophilic office design could slash sick days, boost productivity and motivate your workforce. Have you ever been told to go for a walk or get some fresh air to clear your head? Have you got a beautiful sunset or an amazing landscape as your screen saver? Getting in touch with […]


3 brand considerations during business acquisitions

How to keep it fresh and consistent when merging with another company or growing your network through acquisition. The current property climate means mergers and acquisitions in the estate agency industry are increasingly common but, the coming together of two brands can create continuity problems if not handled right. MPL is already working with a […]


Office designs for a plastic-free workplace

Plastic is not always fantastic. You can cut your usage in the workplace when you next refurbish or redesign. Here’s how:- You’re buying paper straws and using a bamboo toothbrush in your home. How can you replicate this effort in your professional life too? Workplaces contribute heavily to plastic pollution but, business owners can take […]

Trendy office designs for ceilings

Innovative Office designs for Ceilings

What’s above your head can make a big impact in your office. Here’s MPL’s advice for using your ceiling to make a style statement. Ceilings are often thought of as merely functional but in the world of office design, that bit above your head is a blank canvas just waiting to be personalised. Our design […]


Office design: Stop staff being SAD this winter

Dark mornings and dark evenings are miserable for everyone but for some, the lack of natural light can dramatically affect wellbeing. Here’s how your office can help. Autumn’s arrival heralds the start of long nights and short days, when it’s dark by 4pm and early starters might find their first hour of work is also […]