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The importance of a permanent workplace

You’d be forgiven for thinking Millennials and Generation Z are the flighty types who embrace hot desking, co-operative spaces and working from random venues, such as a coffee shop one day and an art gallery the next but new research casts down on the desire to be a hyper-mobile workforce. Ricoh – a leader in […]


Address poor productivity with space planning

Did you know there is a ‘productivity puzzle’ in the workforce and business are looking to HR to tackle the issue? Productivity – measured by GDP (gross domestic product) was rising 2% annually before 2008 but is currently experiencing the lowest growth rate since the second quarter of 2012, at just 1.2% in the first […]


Office refurbishment: We’ve just done our own

We’ve been bringing you news of our office, retail and commercial refurbishment projects for over 20 years and with over 2,000 jobs under our belt, it’s time we turned the spotlight back on ourselves! We’re thrilled to announce MPL Interior’s Weybridge headquarters is in the midst of its own office refurbishment. We always practice what […]


Brick: Trending office designs for your workplace

Once the preserve of industrial buildings and loft apartments, brickwork is now a major design trend within office interiors. The warmth and tactile element of natural brick is hard to resist, and the introduction of this element into your office design can easily transform a room or reception area. MPL Interiors has already installed many […]

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Meetings: the Musk/Branson way

You may have read about a leaked email from electric car supremo Elon Musk, detailing his advice for improved staff efficiency. Musk’s six productivity guidelines heavily featured meeting etiquette, with the suggestion that you should walk out of a meeting when you have stopped adding value and that large meetings should be avoided or kept […]