Brick: Trending office designs for your workplace


Once the preserve of industrial buildings and loft apartments, brickwork is now a major design trend within office interiors. The warmth and tactile element of natural brick is hard to resist, and the introduction of this element into your office design can easily transform a room or reception area.

MPL Interiors has already installed many brick design elements for clients, tailoring each solution to meet the individual time scale, budget and theme. These include work for estate agents Acorn and Charters, as well as for home technology specialist IndigoZest.

There are several ways to achieve the brick look even if you don’t have a real, exposed brick wall in your workplace. The insights below might help when planning costs before your office refurbishment kicks in:-

Digital prints

Many manufacturers now sell bricks by the roll and it’s as simple as applying conventional wallpaper. Real bricks in a variety of colours are photographed as high quality images before being printed on either traditional paper or on to more durable self-adhesive vinyl. Apply to a smooth wall and enjoy
Budget rating: Cheapest option

Textured panels

We are delighted to be working with Dreamwall for many of our exposed brick walls. These 3D lightweight imitation brick panels were used as part of our commercial refurbishment project for IndigoZest. There are a variety of finishes to choose from and the panels are an ultra-quick way of customising a plain plastered wall.
Budget rating: Mid-range as professional installation must be factored in

Brick slips

These are slices of real brick – almost like porcelain tiles – at a depth of around 20mm thick. They are very hard to distinguish from real full-size bricks but they have to be individually hand applied.
Budget rating: Mid to top end due to high labour costs

Real brick

If your heart is set on a wall with full size bricks, be prepared for disruption and dirt to get the end result. A real brick wall is best achieved as part of a bigger office refurbishment as even working with an existing brick wall may involve sandblasting, repair and sealing.
Budget rating: Mid to top end, depending on existing provisions

For information on office designs that involve the usage of bricks or attractive alternatives and elegant complementary bespoke office furniture, contact MPL Interiors today.