Smart scheduling for a hassle-free office fit out

Office Design

While an office refurbishment fills many with excitement and optimism, there are some logistics that can have a real impact on your business. At MPL Interiors we have office fit outs down to a fine art and can schedule works so you can keep trading with minimum disruption.

A game of two halves – We will visit your workplace and assess whether we can carry out our office refurbishment works in two halves – working on one half while staff are condensed into the other, with a full suite of data and utility services retained. Our installers can then perform a swap with your staff to complete the refit of the other side of the premises. This approach means businesses can remain open for their usual working hours, albeit in a smaller space.

Hide not seek – If your business places heavy emphasis on the customer journey, we can relocate front doors and reception areas to create continuity, as well as screen off messy or exposed areas to preserve your brand image.

Out of hours – In some cases, it is possible for our installers to work evenings and weekends in order for a company to work undisturbed during the working week or, if sectioning off part of the office is not possible.

Pop up somewhere else – If major structural work is to take place – installations or alterations that involve excessive noise, dirt and disruption – it’s possible for MPL to set up a ‘pop up’ office in a temporary location away from the site. For many businesses with a street-facing window, we turn a relocation into an advantage by applying ‘coming soon’ graphics to the premises being refurbished. These graphics can detail what is happening and who is taking over the space, if it has a new occupant. This often creates a sense of anticipation and acts as self-propelling PR.

To discuss an office refurbishment with smart scheduling built in, contact MPL Interiors today. We will drop by your office to explore your workspace and understand your business model, so as to recommend the most efficient, cost-effective refurbishment options.