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Injecting colour into office design

Are you beige or vanilla? As well as being shades of cream, these colour names are now being used to describe boring, uninteresting people and things. As office interior refurbishment and space planning specialists, we recognize there is a time and place for neutral colours – especially in the workplace – but adding a vibrant […]


Office design and productivity go hand in hand

If you pay your staff to work eight hours a day, five days a week, you’d expect them to make an effort during those hours, right? Wrong. Although you can expect some time to be lost to idle gossip, procrastination and social media surfing, research has found that UK office staff are only productive for […]


Retail refurbishment for dual purpose stores

It can’t have escaped your notice that many High Street units across the country lie vacant. Whether it’s to do with BREXIT, out-of-town retail parks, online shopping or crippling rents, it’s a sorry sight. All might not be lost however, with a new style of retail taking hold across the country. Tandem retailing – where […]


Commercial refurbishment for coffee lovers

Want to keep your staff healthy and make guests feel welcome? Offer them a cup of coffee. New research has backed up previous claims that drinking a brew can encourage wellness. In fact, drinking more than two cups of coffee a day can lower the risk of cancer by 18%, with experts declaring three or […]


Are slippers the key to office productivity?

In a most audacious bid to sell more of its products, UK footwear label Shoegarden is urging people to wear slippers not just to work but at work as well. The retailer says its claim is in response to changing attitudes in the workforce, where more relaxed dress codes are being adopted. Shoegarden even added […]