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Office design: Transforming to an agile workplace

Many office and facilities managers have a forward-thinking vision for their office but don’t act on their ideas for fear of directors labeling them too ‘radical’. Sometimes, the issue is with rank and file staff who are resistant to change and are comfortable with their current setup. Take for instance agile working. This doesn’t mean […]


Office refurbishment tips to enhance natural light

Are your staff looking miserable? Have you thought a lack of natural light may be hampering productivity and wellbeing? We’ve reported before on the research by Northwestern Medicine and the University of Illinois, which found working without natural light can be detrimental to productivity, health and overall wellbeing, so addressing levels of natural light should […]

Office Design

Smart office design for the digital age

There can’t be many estate agents still nursing a Rolodex and a wad of printed particulars. Today, estate agents rely heavily on technology, and office designs have changed to accommodate a growing desire for a digital operation. Many clients come to us with two digital agendas: streamline how any current technology is accommodated and build […]

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Exterior refurbishment: Get your office signage right

Normally the subject of kebab shops only ever crops up when the MPL team are talking about their weekend plans, but a news story concerning the purveyors of the finest ‘Döner kebab’ was the talk of the office recently. This kebab shop’s new exterior office signage was so distinctive that it created a viral social […]

Office Design

Smart scheduling for a hassle-free office fit out

While an office refurbishment fills many with excitement and optimism, there are some logistics that can have a real impact on your business. At MPL Interiors we have office fit outs down to a fine art and can schedule works so you can keep trading with minimum disruption. A game of two halves – We […]