Creating private spaces where companies can hold internal meetings or entertain clients

A traditional boardroom still has a place in today’s business culture. While open plan offices create convivial and creative atmospheres, there are times when employees need privacy or a quiet environment. A boardroom is especially essential if your front of house is used for customer relations or is frequented by members of the public – a boardroom provides an escape away from prying eyes.

Boardrooms also add a sense of importance and gravitas to a meeting – whether that’s an AGM, a new business meeting or interview situation. If you’re working in an open plan or agile environment, boardrooms are still the place to hold conversations of a sensitive nature.

Many of our clients request ‘statement’ boardrooms with the single aim of impressing. We are happy to source or specify impressive boardroom tables, install dramatic pendant light fittings that add a sense drama and apply wall treatments that set an opulent, elegant tone.

MPL Interiors is also aware that technology is increasingly being used in boardroom meetings, so we offer a full suite of service solutions that includes the provision of more/relocation of existing data and power points, the fitting of LCD screens – either wall mounted or flush fit into false walls, the mounting of pull-down projector screens and related equipment, provision of dimmer switches and the fitting of light-reducing/privacy blinds.

While a boardroom is a vital tool in your office environment, it can become a white elephant. If your business is bursting at the seams, looking at an empty boardroom reserved for the most formal of occasions is galling – it’s an unnecessary waste of precious space. Your boardroom can be dual purpose.

Ask about modular furniture that can be used as separate components when the room is not booked, and can be pulled together to create one big table for meetings. Boardrooms can also provide valuable storage space. MPL Interiors can design bespoke office furniture such as cupboards and units using the highest quality materials, with a handle-free design, if required, to create a seamless, unobtrusive addition.

Although many of the boardrooms we refurbish are existing examples, we are often asked to create meeting spaces using the current floor plan. Our space planning and interior design skills mean we can often re-divide space efficiently enough to create a boardroom, using new internal walls or partitions. Glass is a popular choice for boardroom walls, and we can install blinds, vinyl manifestations or privacy film to create the desired level of screening and safety.

MPL Interiors can furnish a boardroom with a new table, office chairs and floor coverings, as well create a refreshment station, commission artwork, install illuminated office wall art and air conditioning for a self-contained environment.

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