Head-turning shop fronts for businesses on the High Street and in retail destinations

Changing your exterior asserts your company presence within your industry and draws maximum attention to your business. As refurbishment office fit out specialists, we can complete a total replacement or renovation of your façade, taking into account windows, doors, exterior painting, displays, lighting and business signage.

Increasingly we are asked to consult on matters of corporate brand identity to see how we can enhance company branding, especially for exterior refurbishments in areas of distinction or affluence. MPL Interiors is happy to advise on matters such as colour palettes, typography and fixtures; specifying works and fittings that will purvey a certain air or theme.

Our portfolio of projects already includes a number of exterior refurbishments where tweaks and changes have been made to the normal company identity, so the exterior sits in line with other local businesses – this is especially important for companies looking to adapt their brand to break into new markets, price brackets and geographical areas.

Our skill lies is keeping the corporate identity strong and consistent enough for it to be instantly recognised but different enough to fit into varying locales.

When planning the refurbishment of an office exterior, MPL Interiors will establish whether there are any restrictions or covenants, such as a listed status or a Conservation Area. We are also mindful of light pollution and the local council’s stance on fixtures and fittings that uphold the local vernacular. Rest assured that our refurbished office exteriors will meet planning guidelines, building standards and local heritage body guidelines.

Ever aware of evolving technology, MPL Interiors is increasingly incorporating LCD and touch screens into exteriors, which complement the static and digital displays we are renowned for. Our refurbishment work for Hearnes perfectly illustrates how a high street business can engage with the general public even when an office is shut, harnessing the power of touch.

Estates agents can also exploit our working partnership with technology giant Samsung. We are happy to specify and install Samsung’s unique digital window displays that give agents the freedom to show as many properties and marketing messages as they desire in their shop window.

Many of our exterior refurbishment designs feature LED light panel display pockets that can be freestanding or hung from a cable system. Perfect for displaying property details, menus, lists of services, opening times and promotional posters, the pockets are available from A4 through to A0 in size. They’re also easy to change and energy efficient – running off LED bulbs and installed with dimmers and timers, if required.

Our exterior refurbishments can be seen up and down the country, combining the very latest in shop displays, illumination and technology. If required, our refurbishment design team will create and commission bespoke items to meet your particular needs.

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