Using ergonomics to shape workspaces and increase productivity

The workspaces we create are welcoming environments that inspire, bring people together and increase productivity. As part of a wider office refurbishment, we can change the atmosphere and attitude within your company through new fixtures, fittings and bespoke office furniture.

Your staff deserve a comfortable, modern place to work, which is crucial when you consider many of us spend more time behind a desk than we do at home. Never underestimate the importance of enough storage, a comfortable chair and a desk where everything has its place.

An office interior refurbishment takes into account how your company functions on a daily basis and how your business may evolve in the future. A successful office refurbishment should also address areas in your building that the general public may never see – cloakrooms, kitchens, store rooms, meeting rooms and corridors, for instance.

As part of a workspace refurbishment, you might consider adopting an ‘agile’ way of working. This is a flexible approach to dividing up your office using stylishly designed and strategically placed office partitions according to tasks and projects. We can design agile workspaces specifically tailored to your business needs, resulting in a bespoke flexible environment.

We will conduct an extensive evaluation of your business on two levels, examining the square footage and dimensions of your workspace, and also examining the role of your staff. When we know what your employees do on a day-to-day basis and how they interact with other people – staff, stakeholders and clients included – we can draw up an exciting workplace vision using 3D layout designs which will enable you to visualize what your refurbished office will look like.

Agile working breaks down stuffy, traditional barriers and creates areas that are themed, such as quiet corners,

Agile working breaks down stuffy, traditional barriers and creates areas that are themed, such as quiet corners, brainstorming areas, formal meeting offices, relaxation zones and ‘meet and greet’ spaces. As agile working focuses on tasks and activities rather than staff working from a fixed desk regardless of their role, it is highly likely that an agile approach will allow you to employ more staff to grow your business, sublet surplus space to generate revenue or even allow you to downsize to save money on rent and/or running costs.

Whether you opt for an agile workspace or a traditional office environment, MPL Interiors takes a holistic approach to your current set up, looking at floor plans, power sources, lighting, storage and workflow to see how improvements can be made. In addition, we use feedback from your staff to shape our workspace designs – we find it results in a more productive, efficient environment where employees take pride in their office and work.


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