Achieving better office efficiency by reconfiguring space, installing smarter furniture options and creating a stronger brand identity

Office design is far more than just the ‘look’ of a workspace. A well designed office will function better, help retain staff and improve client relationships. It’s an area we call workplace efficiency but it’s important clients understand how we put that into practice.

For example, better office design can result in staff creating, printing and binding documents without walking from area to area or tripping over loose cables. The result? Employees are less frustrated with their surroundings and can work seamlessly without obstacles hindering productivity.

Improved office design can also enhance the customer journey from the moment someone walks through your door until they sit down in a meeting room. Consider a more comfortable reception area with a drinks station, 3D logos and LCD screens showing promotional films, modern cloakroom facilities for freshening up and inviting meeting rooms that reflect brand values and make guests feel welcome.

Office efficiency is also about improving mental performance as well as the physical and is an important point to consider when planning an office interior refurbishment.

The planning of a new office design will involve how your business operates down to the level of what departments interact with each other. A new design that inspires and encourages the sharing of ideas will help encourage creativity and change the way your business behaves for the better.

Our office designs can also focus on agile working – the totally flexible approach to how office space is used. If we feel your business would benefit from an agile setup – where emphasis is on employees’ movements, hours, activities and business relationships rather than rigid departments and structures – we will design an interior focused on transforming how your business performs.

Before the MPL design team draw up a new office design layout, they will evaluate your current workplace, analyse your day-to-day business operations, detail your budget and talk to staff about environmental factors that they’d like to see improved. Listening to a company’s vision and to its staff always results in the most productive outcome but we are always mindful of timescales and costs.

Of course, every one of our office designs looks brilliant as well as working to increase productivity and efficiency. Employees will feel lifted and appreciated when they settle into a new-look office filled with customised, tasteful office furniture. Our design team will expertly craft colour schemes, maximise natural light and install inspirational interior design facets that will energise and promote a sense of respect in the workplace.

As well as the reconfiguration of space, arrangement of furniture, interior design and the placement of services, MPL Interiors will suggest ways to improve branding within your office. Our corporate identity design service allows us to create a new image for your company, including a logo and livery colours. Subsequently, this can be incorporated into your new office design, from subtle details such as colour-matched soft furnishings and office seating to bolder additions, such as 3D logos and illuminated wall art.

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