Ultra-realistic and malleable office layout visuals powered by the latest technology and accurate measurements

Business interiors can be hard to visualise, especially if there is a total refurbishment or reconfiguration of space. Imagining where new items of furniture will go and how a fresh colour scheme will look can be tricky – especially if you have been living with your current workplace set up for some time.

We’ve come across many clients who just can’t see a new office design in their ‘mind’s’ eye’. Luckily, MPL Interiors uses a brilliant design tool that takes the effort and guesswork out of envisaging how an office interior refurbishment will look when complete.

We bring our office plans to life with precise 3D layout designs, allowing us to create an almost perfect replica of what a new workplace will eventually look like. We share our 3D layout designs with clients as part of the ongoing design process, so they can evaluate the workplace refurbishment as a whole and make changes along the way according to their business needs and budget.

When all the elements are brought together as part of a 3D design, we can shape and refine the office and its appearance very quickly – changing layouts, colour palettes and materials in line with client feedback.

3D layout designs give our studio designers the ability to reposition furniture, specify wall and floor coverings, and even change the fabric on computer chairs using the latest computer technology. Not happy with the way your new office looks in shades of blue? Don’t worry, with a few clicks of a button we can show you how three other colours would look incorporated into the office design. Boardroom looking too cramped? Our designers can move suggested office partitions to alter the allocation of space by simply dragging the element to a new position.

These ‘to-scale’ 3D designs are the best space planning tool available to refurbishment specialists like MPL and they have revolutionised the accuracy of our design team. As well as helping less creative 

minds visualise their new office, 3D plans allow us to explore themes, colours, space planning and the position of office furniture before expensive decisions are made. 3D designs actually save our clients money – it’s much better to reposition internal walls or reduce the number of office workstations laid out before orders are placed and our fitters are on site. As you can imagine, it’s more costly to make changes once everything is installed than it is to make alterations on a computer screen.

Ask MPL Interiors today for some ‘before’ and ‘after’ images, which show how lifelike and accurate our 3D layout designs are compared to the finished product. In many cases, it’s difficult to tell the difference.


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