Imagined by our designers and hand-made by true craftsmen, our bespoke furniture guarantees admiring glances and individuality

MPL Interiors is one of the very few interior fit out companies who offer a true bespoke furniture service. Our in-house designers regularly create one-off pieces of made-to-measure furniture, which our fitters hand-build to our clients’ exacting requirements.

Commissioning bespoke office furniture has many advantages. Some clients have unusual office floor plans or awkward spaces to fill, so a custom-made item is often the best way to make the most of the room available. Our team will perform an on-site survey and take a detailed brief to ensure any piece of bespoke furniture meets a client’s exact needs. In the past we have created slimline reception counters, made unique refreshment stations and hand-built office partitions that follow a one-off design.

Bespoke furniture is also the ideal way to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. MPL Interiors can incorporate a number of materials, internal lighting, graphics and branding into the design, ensuring that the piece of furniture is one-of-a-kind. Clients often request a very special centrepiece when they are launching a new store or are breaking into a new market – bespoke items are guaranteed to outshine the competition, make an impact and raise brand awareness.

Choosing the bespoke route also grants choice not available with off-the-peg items. Our designers can marry together different materials; customise pieces with unusual colours; build in exacting storage solutions and create something that matches the architecture of your office using precise measurements and our 3D layout designs.


One of our most requested items of bespoke office furniture is a reception counter. This often becomes the centrepiece for a reception area yet has to double up as a workstation for staff. Ordering a custom-made reception counter ensures that this investment serves many purposes and makes the right impact.

There is a ‘halfway house’ point between off-the-peg business furniture and bespoke items – customisation. MPL Interiors can transform almost any piece of regular office furniture into a bespoke item with the help of our design team and skilled installers. Ask about the application of branded vinyl decals to the front of office desks, modesty panels that incorporate company logos, chairs that are upholstered in colour-matched or monogramed fabrics, and shelving units or systems that are adapted by us to fit irregular or unusual spaces.


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