Comfortable office seating, ranging from adjustable desk chairs and bar stools to modular designs and sofas

If you tell clients to ‘take a seat’, read on. As an office furniture supplier MPL Interiors takes office seating seriously and so should you. We work with the leading office seating manufacturers to provide solutions for every business environment.

Whether you need a comfortable sofa for a welcome area, durable seats for a waiting room, bar-style stools for a kitchen, boardroom chairs or adjustable computer chairs for staff, we have access to a myriad of choices – many of which can be personalised to match your brand.

Office seating can be grouped into three main sectors: seating for waiting areas, computer chairs and general office chairs that are positioned behind desks and elegant office partitions. MPL Interiors can supply all three types and in many cases, we can have seats manufactured to your exact requirements.

Front-of-house seating – for use in waiting rooms and in client areas – can take many different forms, according to the industry in which they are used and the interior design look that’s trying to be achieved.

Durability should be a big consideration, especially if you have a high volume of customer traffic. We find that moulded plastic chairs offer all-round performance in terms of wear and tear, colour options and longevity – they make great choices in the healthcare industry.

If your front-of-house is more about comfort and style, MPL Interiors can specify shabby chic sofas, Chesterfield style button-back armchairs or something more design led, such as a Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chair or a classic Eames chair with Eiffel legs.

High Street stores with waiting areas should take into account peak times when customer numbers are at their greatest. We find that modular and bench-style seating provides a good solution, and they can be configured to match a company’s exact needs and floor space (the best way to visualize and experiment what can be accomplished is by asking us for a 3D space design)

Computer chairs should be about comfort and mobility, allowing your staff to adopt the correct posture while being able to move their chair to the desired location. Our most popular computer chairs and for that matter workspaces have been designed firmly with ergonomics in mind. Among the features these computers chairs come with, is adjustable armrests and back rests, and multi-position height settings. MPL Interiors can also supply posture kneeling stools, if required.

Businesses can afford to be a bit more creative with general office chairs, especially if they are for occasional use. Break out areas lend themselves to pods – self contained meeting rooms with benches set around a desk.

Likewise, a series of booths can work well in creative industries, encouraging brainstorming in a more casual setting. We’re also installing bar-style desks with stools that provide a more casual workstation – a great space saving design trick that generally takes up less floor space than a conventional desk and also seats more staff.

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