Office desks, bars and 'dealer style' banks that can be customised to suit your staff and business

Office desks are your employee’s individual environments and when you consider they may be sitting behind a workstation for over eight hours a day, it’s only fair that any purchase is seen as an investment in staff. The best office desks are ergonomically designed, have lockable storage and have enough surface area for equipment and tasks.

An office interior refurbishment encompassing your entire workplace is the perfect time to replace your office desks and office seating, using the opportunity to maximise your floor plan and reinforce your brand.

We can use our ‘first fix’ stage to relocate power and data sources so each desk has adequate provision, and also add extra points to cope with further expansion. It often makes more sense to set power and data points into the floor rather than the wall. This ensures your workplace environment is safe and streamlined when it comes to cables. To keep desktops tidy, we can also specify office desks that have cable ports so wiring can be bunched together and fed through one channel down to the floor.

Our ;first fix’ stage can also make sure task and overhead lighting is positioned over desks so staff have the right amount of light in which to work. Our space planning skills will bring all these elements together, setting out desks and services for the best possible outcome.  

It’s worth noting that many of our office refurbishment briefs originally detail that we reuse existing business furniture, which we are happy to do. It does become clear to many clients, however, that introducing well worn office desks and workstations back into a freshly refurbished environment can be detrimental to the overall look. We are often asked to specify, supply and install new business furniture as soon as a refurbishment is complete. Ask us about a total refurbishment package that also includes new office furniture so your investment in the workplace is complete and fulfilling.

We offer workstation solutions for every size and style of business, from classic desks and ‘dealer’ style group stations, to ‘bar’ style arrangements, pedestal hubs and sit-stand workstations. Many of our off-the-peg office desks can be customised or adapted to suit your business needs, with modesty panels, 3D logos, wall art and internal illumination.

Alternatively, MPL Interiors’ bespoke office furniture is the ideal solution for a demanding business. Our designers will talk to staff about their perfect office desk and create a customised workstation, taking into consideration equipment, storage, comfort and your office layout design. MPL Interiors is also happy to supply industry-specific workstations – which may be necessary in sectors such as healthcare.

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