Unique artworks, 3D logos, LCD screens and media walls designed to customise wall space

The very fabric of your workplace is a blank canvass and our interior design projects actively seek to maximise your wall space using wallpaper, canvas art works, bespoke vinyl applications, timber cladding, 3D features and LCD screens.

MPL Interiors specialises in bespoke wall art that makes each project we complete unique and reflective of the local community. Popular themes include location maps, local landmarks, natural materials and scenes from nature – images of which are upscaled, printed to vinyl and expertly applied to any flat surfaces, including around corners and curved walls. Artwork can be printed to canvass, which is then stretched over a box fame and lit from within – an approach to wall art pioneered by MPL. We can also create custom-made painted canvases of any size that incorporate corporate colours, logos or lettering.

We are increasing using LCD screens instead of static displays so ask about our multiple-screen media walls, oversized flush-fit screens and associated software that links the screens to your website and CRM system.

Wall logos are a popular way to carry a company’s branding from outside in. Logos can be recreated in two dimensional decals that can be applied to walls and other flat surfaces, or as 3D fittings that incorporate internal illumination. As well as logos, letters and phrases can be transformed into decorative finishes, bringing life and colour to a plain wall.

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