Helping to define areas, divide space and create privacy in the workplace

Office partitions are a great way to separate a big space into smaller rooms, mark out areas or create zones. If you’re thinking of converting an open plan office back into a traditional workplace, are taking on a new premise or would like office partitions to help achieve a more agile way of working, MPL Interiors can help.

Planning office partitions involves listening to businesses and understanding how they operate before creating an office space design. It’s very much a user-led experience, with client feedback working in tandem with our plans to help improve productivity and efficiency within the workplace.

While the open plan office is designed to promote a feeling of inclusivity and break down management structures, it leaves little space for private conversations. A full-height partition at the end of an office can quickly create a boardroom that affords a sense of confidentiality. A straight run of partition walls, for example, can also be used to create a row of offices along a back wall.

Our experience fitting call centres has taught us that it can get pretty noisy when everyone is on the telephone at the same time. Half-height partitions are a great way of creating a sound barrier, and we have also used them effectively in offices to screen off a noisy back room from the public-facing front-of-house.

Partitions don’t have to be permanent – many businesses rent their offices and even those that own their premise might end up sub letting some of the floor space. Partitions are a less permanent way of dividing space and can be taken down with far less hassle than a brick or stud wall. We’re happy to liaise with any landlords to seek permission to use partitions, where required.

Bespoke office partitions will triumph in almost every workplace – got a sloping ceiling, an unusual return or awkward floor plan? A bespoke partition wall can create an office from virtually any size and footprint of space. Most of the materials we use for our office partitions can be custom cut to size, to make sure every inch of space is maximised.

The devil is in the detail, and partitions can be customised to meet requirements and even become a focal point. MPL Interiors can design, manufacture and install the following:-

  • Glass partitions that are completely or partially frosted with opaque film – ideal for separating your reception desk from the remainder of the office.
  • Self-adhesive vinyl printed with any image, photograph or graphic, used to customise glass partitions and provide the correct safety markings.
  • Self-contained offices using two or three partitions to make corners and walls.
  • Box-style partitions that take the form of a faux wall with a cavity inside – ideal for insetting LCD screens or hiding the cables for back-lit wall logos/wall art.
  • Half or full height partitions, as well as narrow or low level partitions that partially divide areas of an office.
  • Office partitions that slide open to revel storage areas and electrical items, such as printers and photocopiers.
  • Office partitions crafted from a number of materials, including glass, MDF plasterboard, brick, breeze bock and solid wood.
  • Partitions incorporating shelves and internal lighting.
  • Folding partitions to subdivide large spaces that can then be tucked away when one large room is required.

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