Public-facing exteriors and shop displays created using cutting-edge technology and modern materials

Our displays incorporate cutting-edge technology that ensures no window is overlooked. Moving images, wall screens and illumination are increasingly forming a major part of office refurbishment.

Window displays are the perfect ‘stage’ for technology. LED light panels are our most requested form of display unit, as the illumination draws attention 24-hours a day – especially after dark – and they are very easy to refresh with new marketing materials. Our LED panels come in a variety of sizes and can be floor mounted, cable hung, arranged in banks or individually displayed.

LCD screens are another way to add an extra dimension to a window display or blank space and if you haven’t any empty spaces at the moment, some adroit office space planning will get you one or several. From a single wall-mounted option or a public-facing screen to an oversized model sitting flush in a false wall, MPL can incorporate a screen into almost any office refurbishment.

Clients looking to make the boldest statement can choose a media wall – a series of screens that are installed in a bank formation. Each screen can operate independently or they can be linked together to display one big image. The software behind the screens also allows for sweeping and fading images, as well as a link to live television.

MPL is also bringing clients the latest in touch technology. We can install oversized iPad-style screens in shop windows, which can be accessed from the other side of the glass by passers- by. Touch-operated coffee tables and wall-mounted screens are also gaining in popularity, especially in environments where client-facing conversations are a part of daily business.

Especially for the estate agency industry, MPL Interiors is proud to be working with global technology company Samsung to supply and install the first-of-their kind digital window display units. These screens have the capacity to link up with CRM software, such as Reapit, to display an unlimited amount of 

properties, marketing messages and moving images, ensuring a steady stream of customers eager to schedule viewings at your customised reception desk.

Each screen – which has an embedded media player – acts like a ‘blinking eye’, changing image with every blink. The timing and transition of each property or graphic can be simply altered by the agent, with a number of templates to choose from.

Changes made by agents on the CRM system are automatically updated on the window display, cutting down administration time. The screens are available in a variety of sizes and are designed to be ‘live’ on a round-the-clock basis, with the necessary power saving modes and filters to deliver energy efficiency.


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