Clever shop fronts and clear office signage for businesses determined to stand out in a crowded market place

MPL Interiors will ensure your new office signage is a powerful branding tool. Nothing makes more of an impact on clients than a revamped shop front on the High Street or the arrival of a fresh, new store in a shopping centre. We combine years of experience with precise design skill and the most modern methods of manufacturing to create business signage that stands out in a crowded market place.

Good office signage should work on a number of levels. On a busy street, outdoor signage should fundamentally direct customers or clients to your business – whether they are looking for your premises from a distance or just passing by. A shopfront should also speak volumes about your business – it should reflect your corporate identity design and impart crucial pieces of information (such as opening hours, services offered and contact details).

As well as practical aspects, signage and shopfronts should reflect a company’s brand values and aspirations. Everything from the colour palette, style of font, choice of light fittings – even the fabrication material used – projects an image and influences clients. Our design team is experienced in taking a brief from a client (an initial step when you contact us to discuss 

office renovation) and understanding the business’s objectives to create shopfronts and signage to appeal to a target market. We can advise if a brand needs altering to fit a local vernacular or clientele.

We are happy to work with any prevailing corporate identity guidelines – especially for chains, networks and global companies – so a brand is upheld and a seamless, consistent look is achieved. In fact, MPL Interiors has a successful, extensive track record of designing and installing shop fronts for multi-office brands, producing facades that are instantly recognised from town-to-town and city-to-city.

Our outdoor signage can combine a stunning facia with a projecting sign, marrying the best in illumination, laser-cut precision and 3D elements. Our signature outdoor signage works hard to attract attention and reinforce a brand on a 24-7 basis. Importantly, signage should be attractive by day but nothing short of mesmerising after dark – whether that’s 4pm in the dullest winter months or at 11pm when people are passing by after a meal out.

We can revamp your shop front to include new glass, a complete exterior repaint, a new front door, re-sited access and all associated window signage – including vinyl decals, LED light 

pockets, digital displays and street-facing LCD screens and if you’d like to get your interior taken care of as well, how about a bespoke reception desk which complements your impressive exterior.

Located in a conservation area or listed building? Don’t panic. Hundreds of our shop fronts have been successfully installed where there are planing restrictions and covenants. MPL Interiors will ensure your facade is distinguished yet respectful and fitted in line with any local constraints and guidelines.


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