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Hurford Salvi Carr

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Hurford Salvi Carr Estate Agents Refurbishment, Aldgate

Our work for estate agent Hurford Salvi Carr at its Aldgate office was part of a wider workplace refurbishment, spearheaded by acclaimed architect Danny Shafrir. The overall office design is heavily influenced by Moorish architectural extravagance and 7* hotel receptions to reflect the agent’s clientele in the City. MPL Interiors was called in for its window display expertise, charged with hand-making several brass units for the extensive glass frontage. The process was meticulous and detailed, with many samples
of metal going backwards and forwards between us, Hurford Salvi Carr and the architect before the perfect option was selected. The brass units were hand fabricated and colour matched to the gold fretwork panels by skilled craftsmen. Each unit is suspended from matching floor-to-ceiling posts, which are hollow inside to cleverly hide the wiring. Each A3 property display pocket is powered by integral LED lights and set at an optimum angle to ensure passers-by don’t have to bend down to view
the property details. As well as the property display units, MPL Interiors created and installed the window signage that, as a result of planning covenants, had to be installed inside the office. These box-style illuminated signs are also mounted to the floor-to-ceiling posts for a floating effect and to keep the overall look as streamlined as possible.