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4 weeks
Total Area:
3000 sqft

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Commercial refurbishment of Worplesdon golf club

Worplesdon Golf Club were not short of ideas for its new pre- and post-game facilities - what it sought was a planning and design partner that could capture the vision and facilitate an ambitious commercial fit out. Once the club’s priorities were identified, we concentrated on the areas that could be addressed by space planning and interior design. Two new designs were created – a brand new facility on the site of the old green and caddy area, and an existing building that was being vacated. The interior space plan for the new pro shop, club room and administrative offices was highly detailed, including the brand of wallpaper, size of the office tables and even
the position of the golf shoe display units. We created a retail store design and retail displays to increase sales, concentrating on the pro shop’s biggest sellers and earners. Our plans also set out where the private office, meeting room, lobby/reception, cloakroom, refreshment stations and store room would go. A second space design was produced for the club house room and multi-use space, with a business objective to diversify and strengthen the club’s versatility. With this in mind, and with talk of everything from card groups to yoga classes, we included illustrations to show how folding tables on wheels could be neatly stored.
Once the space plans had been agreed, we moved on the 3D designs; adding colours, textures, finishes and life to the thought process. Our 3D designs are an important part of the visualization process and the strongest representation of a client’s ideas. We can move furniture and fixtures, change colours, floorcoverings and wallpaper and reposition accessories at the click of a button, producing a number of iterations until the client is happy. It’s a vital design tool that saves costly mistakes once work has started on site and in the case of Worplesdon Golf Club, our 3D designs are almost indistinguishable from the finished product.