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Andrews in Streatham

Andrews continued its 15-year working relationship with MPL Interiors by asking us to create a new design blueprint at its flagship branch in Streatham. The estate agent utilised MPL's planning skills to hone a design that was months in the planning and that involved numerous floor plans and virtual reality 3D visuals. This project illustrates how crucial pre-site planning is, with our 3D visuals allowing us to present various ideas to the client in order for them to make crucial and informed decisions on furniture, colours, space planning and finishing touches.
In the case of Andrews, there were a number of key staff with opinions and the flexibility of the 3D visuals allowed us to tweak the design many times before starting the actual labour. In this instance, expert design and 3D visuals gave the client confidence to move their corporate identity forward without any risk. The Streatham branch was refurbished in two halves allowing the office to stay open during the works period. MPL Interiors erected a stud wall that partitioned off the area in which they were working, so staff and clients had a clean and tidy area to conduct business.
New design facets include a feature curved ceiling with red LED rope light detail, bespoke furniture that was manufactured to MPL's exact specifications; new glass offices; feature wallpaper; illuminated wall maps and custom-made pedestal-style LED property pockets that form a new sleek window display.