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The creation of a brand new high street office for Bennetts Residential, working with existing fixings and an usual floorplan

When Bennetts Residential in Uxbridge moved from its shopping centre location to a new office on the high street, it turned to MPL Interiors to help with the transition and refurbishment. MPL Interiors brought three main skills to the job: space planning for the unconventionally-shaped new office; the removal and re-installation of some fixings from the old office and interior design expertise that would use the agent's corporate colours as a branding tool.
Many clients have items they would like to retain from existing workplaces and MPL is happy to incorporate these into a new design. For Bennetts, we removed the existing wall logo from the previous office and remounted it, and re-sited the existing window display, making changes to accommodate the different size window. MPL created a made-to-measure refreshment station for the narrow front-of-house area, with plenty of storage and a built-in fridge. The idea was further expanded to also include a flush-fit LCD screen and recessed display alcoves that together form a great focal point of the waiting area.
The new office's façade has received an all-white paint treatment and a new sign, to which the agent's name and contact details have been affixed. There's also a new projecting sign and trough lighting to highlight the lettering after dark. Other additions include replacement floor coverings, a new feature drop ceiling that echoes the curve where the carpet and the vinyl flooring meet, desks with personalised modesty panels, bespoke wall art with motivational phrases mounted in ornate frames and a custom-tinted vinyl wall map.