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3 weeks
Total Area:
1750 sq ft

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A brief from London estate agents Lourdes, who wanted sleeker and more sophisticated company branding at its new branch.

Lourdes' co-founder was a property professional who understood how an estate agents refurbishment could reposition his brand. He wanted his new office in London's Limehouse to be a polished offering - one that would reflect the agent's attention to detail and level of presentation when it came to clients' properties.
The starting point of the interior refurbishment was the colour scheme. The previous Lourdes corporate colour - a bright shade of green - didn't reflect the new sophisticated direction so MPL Interiors created a darker shade that felt more grown up but was still recognisable as Lourdes. The new shade became the base for the interior design, with upholstered bespoke furniture colour matched to the new green set, then set against a crisp white and dark timber backdrop.
Colour was also introduced to the walls, with acrylic panel artwork, a green-tinted map and a back-lit LED light panel featuring an ‘L’ for Lourdes. As part of the overall office fit-out, MPL also installed branded modesty panels to the new office desks, a bespoke refreshments cabinet, a back-lit LED window display, a full wall photo image and a sliding wall storage system to hide printers and photocopiers.