Role of change management in office refurbishment

Commissioning bespoke office furniture is one of several factors to consider when planning an office interior refurbishment and determining your budget

Merely telling staff there’s going to be a workplace refurbishment or an office relocation isn’t the done thing anymore. We’re operating in more sophisticated times and the new way of managing expectations, breaking news and keeping staff motivated is through change management.

Effective change management comes from the top – from business owners and senior staff. It should be aimed at those most resistant to change and encourage those who are happy about new plans to influence others. An office interior refurbishment or relocation will not please everyone so from day one, the process of change management needs to focus on the positives.

Change management is also about involving staff in a refurbishment or relocation process, and informing them of alterations and alternative plans as soon as possible.

While it may be easier to manage and inform employees in a very small one-office business, it can be a challenge when you have different departments and teams. Here’s MPL Interiors’ change management advice for larger offices that are refurbishing or relocating:

  • Inform all staff at the same time – This will stop the rumour mill going into overdrive. Your first communication should outline what is being proposed, when it may take place and how staff can have a say.
  • Consider nominating a ‘change champion’ – This dedicated employee will act as a liaison point between company stakeholders and the workforce. They will be the go-to person for questions and worries, and be able to report to either side efficiently.
  • Set up a staff consultation process – This can be as simple as a survey asking employees what they do and do not like about their current office, and what they might like to see in a new workplace. Ask us to help manage a staff consultation process for you.
  • Manage a relocation carefully – Staff will worry about getting to a new office so outline a travel plan for each member of staff to ease concerns. Explain how the relocation will benefit each department and the wider company – 2D space plans and 3D layout designs will help inspire even the most reluctant of staff.

Get in touch with us for an office refurbishment guaranteed to make heads turn and to commission bespoke office furniture which will give your reception area and other sections of the workplace a look of understated elegance.

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