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Your High Street branch is your biggest asset in a sector where online competition is omnipresent. A physical estate agency branch offers something online never will. You’re in the flesh, in person – a tangible presence that people can visit for advice, reassurance or just a cup of coffee. But what do clients find when they arrive at your branch?

If your unique selling point is local property experts in your local community – with the ability to call in and conduct face-to-face business – your office should be first-class, to stand the best chance of winning an instruction and create business advocates. Great office design can help strengthen your agency and improve your business in four main ways:

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Brand awareness and exposure

Your corporate identity can influence the interior design, window displays and outdoor signage we create for you, subliminally reinforcing your brand in your local community. Colours, fonts and logos can be applied to many office design elements and we can totally rebrand your company if required – especially useful if you’re targeting a new market or have recently merged with another agency to form a new business. Your window display is a 24/7 advertising tool and should work hard for you even when you’ve locked up for the day. Consider the latest digital display screens, LED pockets and even a touch screen than can be operated by passers by from the other side of the glass.


How you arrange and define the space within your branch will impact on the happiness of your staff, the dynamics of your departments and the productivity of your workforce. Any branch that doesn’t change to meet the demands of the current property market or keep up with competitors will curb success, demotivate staff and, ultimately, dent profits. The good news is there’s always a way to improve your branch through office refurbishment. It’s possible to create reception areas, soft seating zones and dual-purposes spaces with our clever space planning and shop fitting techniques.

The customer journey

A customer journey is the path a client takes from the moment they step through your door to the moment they leave. At every point they will be drinking in your environment, making assumptions about your business based on what they see. The aesthetics of your branch should reflect the level of service you offer and mirror the clientele you want to attract, as well as provide a comfortable place to conduct business.

Staff happiness and wellbeing

Happy, motivated staff will produce better results, and will repay you with loyalty and a good work ethic. A branch refurbishment is a chance to introduce modern features and improve many workplace aspects, including ergonomics (sit/stand office desks and specific computer chairs), communal kitchens to encourage lunch breaks and staff engagement, washrooms, office heating, air conditioning, health, safety and equality, storage and lighting.

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