Plastic is not always fantastic. You can cut your usage in the workplace with a smarter interior office design. Here’s how:-

You’re buying paper straws and using a bamboo toothbrush in your home. How can you replicate this effort in your professional life too? Workplaces contribute heavily to plastic pollution but, business owners can take simple steps to reduce consumption and offer employees eco-friendly alternatives as part of an office refurbishment programme. Here’s MPL’s advice if you want your office environment to reflect your eco consciousness.

Clamp down on coffee culture

Tons of plastic is produced in the pursuit of the perfect coffee but this can be nipped in the bud in the office. Ban single-use cups and plastic stirrers in favour of ceramic mugs and metal spoons; consider integrating a ‘bean to cup’ machine into any new staff kitchen you’re planning and choose compostable coffee capsules instead of plastic ones if you have a pod-style coffee machine.

Water cooler moments

Plastic cups and plastic water cooler refills are a bad combination. There’s nothing wrong with a reusable glass and tap water. If you’re worried about the quality of your H2O, ask MPL about fitting a water filter when you reinstall a communal kitchen.

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Opt for sustainable materials

Wood and glass are great alternatives to plastic – often sharing the same properties and matching plastic in the durable stakes too. Ask MPL about our sustainability pledge and how we can fit out your workplace with eco-conscious features to minimise the use of plastic. If you’d like to cover up some of the wood, our bespoke office wall art made from eco-friendly elements is worth considering.

Encourage in-house recycling

While we have become accustomed to recycling paper, office workers are often slow to recycle plastic. An office refurbishment is the perfect chance to incorporate more recycling stations into your workplace design, with a new kitchen the natural place to start.

To share with your employees the joy of a plastic-free, eco-friendly workspace, contact MPL Interiors today.