We have often reported on the scourge of sitting too long and now a sedentary lifestyle has been billed as worse for our health than smoking. New research claims 70,000 deaths every year are caused by sitting too long – which is a higher death rate than those who succumb to lung cancer.

The list of health conditions associated with being seated for extended periods makes for grim reading: cardiovascular disease; type 2 diabetes; cancer, premature death, poor memory function, and cognition; inflammation in the body and hormonal imbalances.

Addressing sedentary lifestyles can start with an improved office interior design, especially when you consider 81% of office workers are sedentary for around 67 days per year – which translates to between four and nine hours a day sitting at behind desk.

The above findings were part of a survey by office furniture company Fellowes. During its questioning of 1,250 office workers, it also found 64% thought their working environment had a negative impact on their health, with a further 45% claiming their employer did not offer the equipment needed to make them feel comfortable at their desk.

MPL Interiors is ready to help business owners and facilities managers tackle sedentary issues in the workplace via a commercial fitout. We can consult on a number of changes that can include:-

  • Sit-stand desks
  • A new space layout that promotes more walking in the office – such as where printers, photocopiers, and communal spaces are located
  • Podium tables for stand-up meetings
  • In-house gyms, showers, and locker rooms

Get in touch if you’d like to improve the wellbeing and longevity of your staff.