You can’t escape the coverage in magazines and on the internet devoted to lifting your mood, improving your wellbeing and indulging in mindfulness. While many workers will wince at the thought of fitting this into their already-packed downtime , employers have the opportunity to facilitate a better workplace equilibrium wtih a different approach to commercial interiors – and it doesn’t have to be as radical as installing a yoga room!

The British Council for Offices conducted a new survey that suggests the walls surrounding office workers may hold the key to happiness and even increased wellbeing. Its ‘Making Art Work in the Workplace’ research found almost 94% of those questioned said art makes the workplace feel more welcoming, while almost 88% felt that ‘art is more relevant in the workplace than ever before’.

Art takes many forms and here at MPL Interiors we are working with Camberley Signs on a number of commercial fitouts to introduce a new take on wall art – one that can be applied to almost any office and forgoes the standard frame and canvas approach. Watch this time-lapse video to see a beautiful wall installation taking shape, where a series of wooden slats were shaped and mounted for a stunning, undulating 3D effect. This was further enhanced with feature lighting and a sculptural centrepiece.

This fresh style of wall art is bound to inspire and uplift every employee. If you’d like a bespoke 3D wall in your workplace, MPL Interiors will sketch, create and fit a creative installation in partnership with Camberley Signs.

Contact us to see what’s possible.