It’s a sad fact that shop fronts can be destroyed in the blink of an eye – sometimes accidentally and sometimes on purpose. Normally such incidents only make the local press but earlier in 2019, the Sloane Square branch of luxury jewelers Tiffany & Co was targeted by criminals. Their entry point was the whole shop front itself, with thieves ramming a truck into the high-end retail design, leaving the shop front in a perilous state at 3 am in the morning and valuable items missing.

Shop fronts destroyed in a forceful way may also do more than aesthetic damage as the impact can have structural ramifications as well. Here at MPL Interiors, our shop fitters London can work with business owners who have been affected by shop front damage and also install security measures that lessen the exposure to crime in the future.

Our shop front services include new glazing and associated frames, front doors, window displays, external signage, and lighting. We can also incorporate toughened and smoked safety glass, emergency shutters, wiring and data points for alarms/CCTV and ‘smoke cloak’ security systems. These are especially important for retail units where high-value items are kept on the premises overnight. Our installation project for - a high-end watch retailer and repair shop in London – illustrates what we have achieved for clients already.

If you’d like to discuss making improvements to your shop front or if you have suffered glazing or structural damage, contact the MPL design team today.