Going to the office used to mean nothing more than putting your Tupperware in the fridge and sitting at an identikit desk to grind out the 9 to 5. Now businesses are aware they need to create venues to engage with existing staff and attract new talent, which keeps shop fitters London on their toes.

As a result, the office is commonly being referred to as the workplace – a holistic environment that supports better health, wellbeing and mental state-of-mind as much as the traditional aspects, such as efficiency, productivity, and morale.

If you’re looking to up your office game and transition to a 21st-century workplace, here are MPL’s top 5 tips:

5 ways to turn your office into a workplace:-

1. Stock your fridge – office lunches and snacks can take on a healthier complex when supplied for free by employers. Fill a communal fridge with fruit, vegetables, interesting salads and dips, and your staff will naturally eat better while at work.

2. Take hydration seriously - a jar of Nescafé and a water cooler won’t cut it but it only takes a small investment to provide a drinks station, with a coffee pod machine, a selection of fruit and green teas, a drinks fridge and branded reusable water bottles.

3. Provide a library – a small corner or underused meeting room can be transformed into a quiet library area for staff to retreat. Add in bespoke shelving and you can even start a resource centre and place for staff to hold a book club or book swap.

4. Install a communal dining table – you can promote engagement and team spirit by providing staff with a shared dining table. We’ve already written about the benefits of 12 people eating together in the office but we guarantee your dining table will double as an informal meeting desk where your staff’s greatest ideas will happen.

5. Design for sporty staff – exercise is great for mental and physical health, so employers should promote an active lifestyle. Gestures can be small – such as providing wall-mounted bike racks and a shower – to installing an open-plan office configuration, where all the desks and chairs are on wheels so they can be pushed back to form a yoga or exercise space.

Ask MPL Interiors about redesigning your office to provide an all-around, holistic workplace. Our services include full office refits (including communal kitchens), bespoke furniture and cloakrooms/locker rooms.