Wimbledon, the Ashes, the Olympics and the football World Cup – just some of the wonderful sporting events that are great to watch on TV but, sadly, a large amount of the action takes place during the day when people are at work. Rather than create an office full of sulky staff who know they’re missing out (or are secretly streaming the action on work time), why not rethink interior office designs and incorporate a big screen to show daytime fixtures in the workplace?

Before you think the idea might be counterproductive – counting how many minutes and hours of lost desk time there might be – there are proven benefits. Research by TotalJobs found that only 5% of employers noticed a change in productivity when they decided to screen a sporting match and a further 28% of employees reported that their productivity had actually increased. 

It’s not just productivity levels that will enjoy a boost either. The research also found that almost 50% of employees felt being able to watch a sports screening during the work day had increased their loyalty to the company, and 47% of workers found a better workplace banter amongst employees during sporting and cultural events that, in turn, increased morale.

Set the scene with a screen

MPL Interiors has installed many screens and media walls as part of commercial office refurbishments over the years. While they are brilliant at displaying corporate messages and live feeds from websites, they can also easily be tuned in to show live TV. 

From a single  90” LCD screen to a huge bank of 9, 12 or even 16 individuals screens set together to cover a whole wall – MPL can look after the wiring, power/data supply and recessing of screens into a false wall to provide a way to screen fixtures. Also ask us about other commercial office design ideas, such as creating an in-office lounge with sofas, chairs and bean bags.