When taking the brief for Coopers' office refurbishments in London, the client asked that we specify a cluster desk arrangement as the company wanted to move away from individual work stations. It’s a common request we receive at MPL Interiors, with office desk ideas at work moving away from the single desk approach in favour of something more convivial.

What are cluster desks?

Also referred to as ‘dealer-style’ or bench desks, cluster desks refer to a number of workstations grouped together. When a client requests this style of set up within their office designs, MPL Interiors will often bespoke design or specify a dedicated cluster desk system, rather than push together a number of individual desks.

Staff using cluster desks sit opposite each other and there are a number of configurations to choose from – curved, rectangle or even flower-shaped. Cluster desks can also be combined to create a super-bank of workstations, which are ideal for call centres and open-plan floors. There are even sit-stand cluster desks, with individually-adjustable desktops.

Benefits of cluster desks

  • Great for fostering team spirit and enhancing engagement
  • Communication between team members is made easier
  • Sitting closer together increases cooperative learning
  • Smarter use of space, allowing more staff to be housed in a set area

Cluster desk considerations

  • Ensure clusters desks have pre-cut cable tidy holes to keep the area safe and tangle-free
  • Evaluate the noise that a cluster desk may emit – MPL can design a bespoke system with in-built sound barriers
  • Modesty panels are a good way of personalizing cluster desks and keeping the aesthetic neat
  • Floor set power/data supplies should be forward-planned to work in tandem with cluster desk positioning
  • Incorporate dividers if a degree of privacy is preferred
  • Monitor arms can be specified in order to keep desktops as clutter-free as possible
  • Think about under desk storage – filing cabinets on wheels make a good addition and MPL can create bespoke, matching options

If you’d like to discuss how cluster desks can transform your office, contact MPL – an office design company in the UK. Ask us about accommodating more staff, creating a new workplace atmosphere and for examples of office furniture design ideas.