We often associate clearing clutter with being at home – going through our wardrobes or filing personal paperwork – but the unnecessary mess and a tendency to hoard at work can be really detrimental. There’s a brilliant article  published in Psychology Today worth reading, which explains how clutter can affect our productivity and stress levels at work.

Although clutter can provide an unwanted distraction and make us feel less professional, it is a relatively easy problem to fix as part of a new, revised office design London.

Storage solutions
The root of clutter at work is often a lack of suitable or accessible storage. Old fashioned metal filing cabinets are a staple in offices up and down the country but they are not always practical and don’t accommodate many documents that companies handle.

Bespoke storage is the quickest path to a neat and tidy office. At MPL Interiors, we have consulted extensively with clients on document types and sizes to custom-make filing systems for their individual needs. We take into account present and future storage requirements, security aspects (we can install lockable cupboards) and can recommend modular systems that can be added to in the future.

Storage doesn’t always mean paper, however. Each industry will have its own unique set of clutter and MPL can also design and install storage cupboards or cabinets to house unusual or outsized items.

Set aside time to declutter
Many employees would like nothing better than to spend an hour or two clearing their desks, getting their paperwork in order and tackling that pile of stuff lurking in the corner. What prevents them from doing this during the workday is disapproving looks from colleagues who feel they are wasting work hours on trivial tasks. To overcome this, company bosses should allow staff a ‘decluttering hour’ on a regular basis, so everyone can tackle office mess together. 

Digital decluttering is just as important
It’s worth noting that as we move into a more digital age, stress and anxiety can arise as much from a cluttered computer as from a messy desk. Any ‘decluttering hour’ should also include time to sort files and folders so digital documents are easier to find. 

If you would like to improve your office storage and investigate bespoke filing options via an office refurb London or elsewhere in the UK, please contact MPL Interiors for advice and examples.