It is an absolute given that many companies will move offices in 2020 and 2021. While in the past we would trumpet expansion and growth as drivers of new premises, downsizing and restructuring will also play its part thanks to today’s commercial interiors sector. In fact, research by Accumulate Capital of 500 senior decision-makers found 73% expected businesses to downsize as a result of Coronavirus.

The biggest shake is the adoption of working from home. Even where this isn’t a full time or permanent option, businesses may swap to shift patterns that reduce the number of employees under one roof at the same time. For other companies, vacating a city centre headquarters in favour of a more regional hub may be the future, as will be the need for a multi-purpose, flexible commercial office refurbishment.

This sentiment was born out in Accumulate Capital’s additional findings, as follows:-

  • 57% of businesses will still rely on a physical workspace in order to network and collaborate with partners and prospective clients
  • 37% of decision-makers said their business is planning to relocate to a smaller commercial space in the next year
  • 37% are looking to relocate to a new location with cheaper rent
  • 50% of businesses said their preferences for commercial premises have changed
  • 45% of businesses do not see a situation where all their employees will be working in the office at the same time

As with companies that need to accommodate more staff, downsizing also needs careful space planning and management. MPL Interiors is encouraging facilities managers and business owners to consider the following:-

  • A professionally planned space may allow you to move to a smaller, more affordable office
  • Compact desks in the right positions will allow for better social distancing
  • Desks that can be grouped together or separated offer the most versatility
  • Build in enough flexibility to house more staff or adapt your office layout in the future
  • Use an office relocation as a chance to declutter and invest in better storage solutions
  • Consider how a one-way system could be implemented…..and reversed
  • Adopt low-touch technology, such as sensor or motion-operated lights, soap dispensers and taps

If downsizing is in your plans, we’d be happy to help create a fit-out or refurbishment plan to ensure you secure the right commercial space for your team and budget. Contact us today.