Our new normal doesn’t mean you can’t plan an office refurbishment ever again - on the contrary say MPL's interior office designers. New working patterns and staff wellbeing mean fresh approaches to office furniture and fit outs are needed as a matter of urgency. You can still set a theme, reflect a corporate identity and provide an inspirational place to work. There are, however, a different set of considerations that a good office design company will take in their stride.

MPL Interiors is creating office designs and layout plans that are easing our workforce back into the workplace. Of course, our suggestions and specifications may be a little different but there is no compromise when it comes to style and functionality.

Here are the top 5 office refurbishment London design talking points in the MPL office:-

  1. Pods, cubicles and booths are back on our shopping list: personal space is a priority for many businesses and individual work zones give maximum reassurance. We’re seeing high-sided booths make a design comeback but some now feature transparent panels or small gaps higher up for indoor plants – taking the edge off that totally enclosed feeling.

  2. We’re specifying more desks for less people: keeping staff 2 metres apart can be achieved by a modular furniture approach. Allowing for two desks per person will help achieve social distancing and future-proof your office for when more people return to the workplace or sit closer together again. 

  3. Offices are being designed exclusively for meetings: one school of thought points to all individual work tasks being performed at home, with a central office reserved exclusively for meetings and perhaps collaborative tasks. As a result, we expect to design more fluid workplaces where the emphasis is on safe gatherings and spread-out communal areas.

  4. Screens are set to stay: but the good news is they can easily be removed. Small screens are ideal for partitioning between desks, while freestanding screens can be used to section off open plan areas. MPL Interiors can supply and install the best screens to suit your business. 

  5. A smart space plan can help companies downsize: one of MPL Interior’s first post-lockdown office refurbishments was creating a fit-out plan for a business that was downsizing. Moving to a workplace with a smaller footprint is increasingly making business sense for many but it presents a number of challenges. Our designs help people do more with less and adapt to a new way of working. 

If you are planning an office refurbishment and need to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of staff in the process, contact MPL Interiors.