Whether you’re planning a new commercial interior design with one eye on a budget, are looking for the most practical solutions or lack original features, the MPL designers can offer workarounds to many design constraints. In this blog we reveal four ways to fake a first class interior design.

1. Faux walls: the installation of a stud partition, instead of a brick wall, has many uses in commercial refurbishments. When built a few inches in front of an existing wall, the cavity created by a stud partition provides the perfect gap in which to flush fit a TV screen and to hide cabling for the high-end, seamless look. Quick to install and less permanent, MPL can also incorporate an unobtrusive access panel, as well as feature lighting and a wall-mounted logo, into a stud partition.

2. Luxury vinyl flooring: real wood can be expensive to buy, install and maintain, with its aesthetic compromised by a lack of durability. Thankfully there are more robust alternatives available on a commercial scale. Luxury vinyl is available in hundreds of wood-effect finishes and can even be laid in a herringbone pattern, giving all the warmth and grain of real wood with a warp-resistant, waterproof and low-maintenance finish.

3. Artificial plants: the trend for biophilic design in office refurbishment is growing as we look to enhance our connection to nature but more flexible work patterns mean offices may not always be staffed. Fake plants are a great way to add greenery if the watering is a worry, and there are some very realistic examples now on the market.

4. Brick effect: exposed bricks walls never fall out of design fashion but revealing original brickwork isn’t possible at every site. The good news is the warehouse look can be recreated anywhere and in a number of ways. Replicas range from digitally-printed wallpaper and individual brick-style tiles, to large pre-cast panels, such as Dreamwall, and brick slips – slivers of real brick stuck to a wall with adhesive or cement.

Our design team is happy to show you what’s possible in your workplace  - we can almost guarantee you’ll be surprised at your office’s design and aesthetic potential. If you are inspired to commission a new office fitout in London, get in touch and we can start a consultation.