As MPL Interiors has recently written about, 2021 is the year businesses will be hoping to bring employees back into the workplace. While carefree, Covid-free days may be a little out-of-reach for now, it is totally possible to create a safe, secure working environment for staff moving forwards. The positive news is changes don’t have to be at the expense of good interior office design, personality or functionality.

As many business leaders have acknowledged, the working landscape has changed drastically over the last 12 months. As well as providing a workplace that is reassuringly clean and well laid out, any commercial fitout London should cater for the hybrid workforce – staff who split their time between their home and a central hub, as well as rotating teams that reduce the number of people in a building at any one time.

MPL Interiors is already consulting with a number of companies about planning for a big return to work. Our experience and thought processes have led to an essential office fit-out checklist formulating, which we’re sharing below:-

  • Risk assessment: a granular evaluation of your current office or commercial space with the aim of identifying issues, reducing risks, introducing improvements and allowing for adaptations.
  • Occupancy evaluation: layout plans and 3D designs that reapportion the available space for a better flow of air and people, and a reallocation of desks and power supply to suit.
  • Receptions & welcome areas: amendments and new additions that safeguard both workers and visitors, to include screens, signage and sanitization stations.
  • Modular desks: office desks that can be used as spaced-apart, single items or grouped together when prevailing conditions allow.
  • Lock up & leave: providing lockers in offices where staff hot desk or work on a rota basis.
  • Motion-sensors: swapping from push switches to motion-activated lights that come on automatically, and replacing traditional taps and soap dispensers for models with motion sensors.
  • Meetings & collaboration: redesigning areas for group activities, with safety in mind, taking into account outdoor areas, if available.
  • Ventilation and fresh air: ensuring all heating, cooling and filtrations systems are working at optimum levels, or replacing older models with efficient upgrades.

If you need help evaluating and assessing your office or commercial workplace, drop us a line here at MPL. We can help you and your employees feel confident when returning to work.