Many of the commercial refit projects that MPL undertakes involve expansive open place offices that are handed over as shells. Our design team are expert space planners and after taking a detailed brief from the client – learning about the staff, the working practices and any expansion plans – they will set about creating a productive layout by dividing the space.

Of course, walls are the natural choice when creating meeting rooms, private offices, training facilities and boardrooms but there is much more to walls than a plain piece of plasterboard. Her are seven different options we can suggest:-

1. Glass walls: glass has amazing soundproofing qualities but allows natural light to flow. If you need privacy, ask MPL about adjustable blinds, decals and frosting – the latter of which can be applied to the lower half of the glass only.

2. Stud partition: quick to install and easy to decorate, stud partition walls make a great base for paint and wallpaper. They can also be erected in front of a solid wall to house a flush-fit TV screen and create a cavity for cables.

3. Crittall-style partitions: bring your office right up-to-date with Crittall-style partitions – full height and width glass walls that feature black metal bands and frames. This is a great choice for an industrial aesthetic.

4. Storage: some of the biggest open place offices MPL has fitted have been sectioned using a bank of tall storage cupboards. When placed side-by-side, storage solutions can perform two roles at the same time.

5. Slats: timber slats that are fixed to the ceiling and the floor are an alternative to solid walls. Set in a straight line, a curve or even a wave, they are good for delineation between public and private areas.

6. Louvre: large, full height louvre panels are a really clever way to achieve division that’s adjustable. Not only can the louvres be tilted for different degrees of privacy, each panel can be fixed on a pivot to open up the wall completely or close it off entirely.

7. Half & half: MPL’s design team can blend two different wall materials to create something unique. Storage shelves at the bottom, glass at the top, or a mix of stud partition and slats – just ask!

We have installed all of the above wall options – just ask to see our portfolio on browse our online projects page.