Did you see our blog on incoming minimum energy standards for non-residential dwellings? If you missed it, new standards for offices and commercial buildings will be introduced in 2023. Each building will be given an energy efficiency rating (an EPC), expressed as a letter ranging from A (the best performing) to a G (the worst performing). As of 2023, existing workplaces where the energy efficiency rating is lower than ‘E’ will not be able to close new leasings.

Already we have had a long-term, repeat client ask MPL Interiors to help devise and implement an ‘eco auditing’ programme on their behalf. Like many of the chain and franchise brands we work with, this business owner has several premises across the country that need to fall in line with new energy standards.

As well as meeting tough new energy rules, business owners are also looking for more sustainable workplace setups in light of rising energy costs. If your office needs heating, lighting and powering, fuel will be a variable cost and future bill could provide a nasty surprise.

Office refurbishment and refitting have a crucial role to play in lowering energy consumption, creating legally compliant workplaces and reducing a company’s carbon footprint. As the COP26 Climate Change Conference has highlighted, the state of the environment should be classed as a global emergency. As a result, there will be increasing pressure on business owners and building managers to meet new energy targets – ambitious benchmarks that recycling printer toners alone won’t achieve.

MPL Interiors is offering eco-audit and action plans to new and existing clients – especially useful for those who are working towards carbon neutral status or are aiming to become a Certified B Corporation. We can appraise, make suggestions, purchase and install eco improvements spanning the following areas:

  • Insulation & draught control
  • Smart heating/comfort cooling
  • Low-energy & LED lighting
  • A-rated appliances
  • Sensor/motion operated fittings
  • Sustainably-sourced fixtures, fittings & furniture

Energy improvements take time to identify, specify and install, and with a change in commercial premises regulations due in 2023, business should not hesitate in making a start. Contact MPL Interiors today to book your workplace eco-audit.