A new survey by OnePoll, which asked people what their dream job consisted of, revealed some fascinating thoughts. As well as the obvious answers about wage (that would be £44,000 per year) and hours (26 hours or even a four-day week), respondents also commented on the work surroundings that would class the job as perfect.

Employers should take note of some really basic aspects that could lift a role out of the mundane zone and into the dream job category. Although MPL Interiors can’t help with increasing salaries paid and reducing working hours, we can help with four other facets that make up the ‘dream job’

  1. A tidy workspace: of the 2,000 people who took part in the poll, many said a tidy workspace contributed to their dream job. Most of know productivity is vastly improved when workstations are neat and well organised. MPL can undertake a storage audit and suggest a new desk, cupboard and cabinet configuration for a clutter-free office environment where you work.
  3. A comfy chair: it’s no surprise that a comfy chair was cited in the survey, as many of us have experienced finding ‘the broken chair’ tucked under our desk or even worse, crippling back pain from using a chair that’s unfit for purpose. If staff are sitting at their desks for 8 hours a day, treat them to a new ergonomic chair – MPL can advise you on the types available to order.
  5. A pleasant view from the window: whether you look out across a city skyline or green fields, being able to gaze at the landscape beyond is all part of the dream job. More often than not, the only thing preventing staff enjoying the view is the position of the desks. MPL can re-evaluate your office layout and suggest a new space plan so as many employees as possible can enjoy a window on the world.
  7. Free cups of tea: it’s a no brainer – hot drinks make for a happy workforce. Why not raise your game and go beyond the humble tea bag? An instant hot water tap will make waiting for the kettle to boil a thing of the past and how about an integrated coffee machine too? We can easily plan these elements into a kitchen refit.

Talk to MPL Interiors about creating an office environment that convinces your staff they have the perfect job.