Coffee is the answer to lots of questions. Need an energy boost before starting work? Grab an espresso. Suffering from a 3pm slump? Sip a sweet latte. Looking for an informal place to meet? Head out for a cappuccino.

Coffee is also the answer for one new estate agent in Norwich, who has added a client café to its new office. A dedicated area in the Arlington Park branch features a coffee making machine, a hot water dispenser and a row of drinks fridges. The owners want to bring people back into the office, with the temptation of a drink providing an excuse for people to drop in.

An in-house café is not a new concept in office interior design. In fact, MPL Interiors has installed hundreds of refreshment stations in offices across the UK. Our work has included the most ambitious of projects – working to help fit an in-house Starbucks for Lanes Group Plc in Slough – to more modest integrated coffee making machines in staff kitchens.

Wherever we have provided an improved way to serve hot and cold drinks, the reaction has been brilliant. Not only do guests feel welcomed and a little bit spoiled, staff also feel their company has invested in employee wellbeing.

Here’s our advice for those thinking that coffee could also be the answer to their company’s question:-

  • Any plumbed-in coffee making machine or water-dispensing fridge should be included in the planning stage to ensure the correct pipework and power is supplied.
  • A mains-connected instant boiling water tap - now available with a cold, carbonated water option – is a great addition to any office kitchen.
  • Integrated coffee making machines can free worktop space.
  • If you’d like a front-of-house refreshment area, ask MPL Interiors about a bespoke station with integrated drinks fridges and storage for crockery, coffee pods and glasses
  • If you want to offer good quality coffees and teas but would prefer the accoutrements to be hidden, MPL can plan in a screened off area for drinks preparation.
  • Provide a place for people to sip their drinks – either sofas and chairs with a coffee table, or a coffee shop-style bar area with stools.
  • Don’t ‘save it for best’ - allow staff to use the facilities too
  • Don’t let chipped crockery or cloudy glasses let your image down – always buy new when you’re unveiling a new client café

The MPL team is waiting with a whole host of interior design and layout ideas where a refreshment station is part of the plan. Get in touch with us today or come and meet us over a coffee!