Excessive travel is increasingly becoming a business faux pas, especially since the pandemic has taught us that meetings can be conducted in different counties – and even countries – without leaving our desks.

As well as a better use of time, businesses who make video conferencing their default meeting option will drastically reduce their carbon emissions and save money. If face-to-face has fallen out of favour, here are MPL’s considerations when planning a dedicated video conferencing room.

Think about the material used when specifying partitions: solid internal walls do offer the highest degree of privacy but they can also eliminate natural light. Using glass partitions is a great way to keep the room light and airy. Privacy can be created with the clever positioning of bespoke, frosted vinyl decals or by specifying blinds. We can help with ‘natural light versus privacy’ projections, based on the orientation of your office and the space available to create a dedicated room.

Plan for power and data for the best connection: video conferencing only works if the right technology is in place. Two aspects are essential: power and data. The most functional video conferencing rooms are designed from scratch, using  electrical plans and first-fix designs to ensure aspects - including wired internet connections, ethernet cables and plug sockets - are all aligned. Good design will also ensure there are no trailing cables and that delegates have a place to plug in laptops or charge ‘phones.

Screen time matters when it comes to video meetings: if video conferencing is going to replace face-to-face meetings, the screen you order and how it’s installed will enhance the experience. When designing video conferencing rooms, MPL considers glare from sunlight and the mounting of the screen (wall, recessed or drop-down), creating a seating plan to suit the nature of the conferences and the set-up of the room.

Don’t overlook the extras: comfort should be high on the agenda for those taking part in video calls. Air conditioning and heating can be planned alongside data and power, and lighting needs careful thought when people may be looking at a screen for long periods. A refreshment station will also help keep delegates present, and MPL can design a bespoke solution that incorporates a drinks fridge, coffee making machine, storage facilities and even a small sink.

If you’d like help creating a video conferencing room, contact MPL today.