Today’s modern property industry relies heavily on technology and estate agency office design has changed to accommodate a growing desire for a digital operation.

There can’t be many estate agents still nursing a Rolodex and a wad of printed particulars so it’s no surprise clients come to us with two digital agendas: requesting we streamline how current technology is accommodated and also to build new technology into an estate agency fit out.

After refurbishing hundreds of offices, including many High Street stores for communication giant Samsung, we have perfected the art of integrating technology into office designs.

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Here are the top four digital features that will revolutionise your business:-

Media walls – static wall displays still have their place but for the biggest impact that works hard around the clock, ask about media walls. We can install a bank of 4, 6 or even 9 screens to create a display that links to a computer. Our clients use the screens to display marketing messages, property details and even to stream live TV. Media walls are really coming into their own as video forms a bigger part of marketing strategies. The beauty of media walls lies in the illumination and moving image aspect – catching the eye of the passerby and remaining impactful after dark with an alluring glow. They also circumnavigate the planning restrictions sometimes attached to external signage – allowing agents to effectively target their audience with an eye-catching display from within the office. Media walls are best flush fitted into a false wall, with an in-built access panel – an easy job for MPL.

Digital property displays – gone are the days when an agent was restricted to a set number of property details in their window, with manual labour needed to change the display. MPL interiors is increasingly fitting digital windows displays in place of or in tandem with traditional LED pockets. Our screen-based digital displays can link with property softwares, such as Reapit, to provide a fully programmable display that can show an unlimited number of property details, marketing images and videos. This new technology also automatically updates in line with in-house software, cutting down on administration time. All cabling can be hidden in the floor and timers fitted for agents wishing to turn off displays in the early hours.

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Integrated USB/charging points – whether it’s mobile phones, tablets or digital cameras, it’s common for every plug socket to be in use charging devices. To avoid cables trailing over the floor and work surfaces, ask for integrated charging and USB points. We can build these into reception counters and office desks to keep devices off the floor and when paired with cable tidy ports, make for a more streamlined, safer office environment. Don’t forget if you need more wall mounted or floor set power/data points – these can be incorporated into all our office refits.

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Touch screens - we can install oversized iPad-style screens in shop windows that can be accessed from the other side of the glass by passers-by. Touch-operated coffee table and wall-mounted screens are also gaining in popularity, especially in environments where client-facing conversations and online resources are part of daily business. These screens can be flush fitted into a false wall with all cabling channeled away for a very tidy, clutter-free look.

If you’re joining the digital revolution and would like new technology imbedded into your space plan and interior design, ask MPL Interiors today.