Want to keep your staff healthy and make guests feel welcome? Ensure your interior office design is set up to offer coffee, as new research has backed up previous claims that drinking a brew can encourage wellness.

Did you know drinking more than two cups of coffee a day can lower the risk of cancer by 18%, with experts declaring “three or four” cups of coffee a day is "more likely to benefit health than harm"?

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200 studies say coffee is king

Before you scoff at the findings, thinking they’re probably brought to us by Nestle or Costa, the news has been announced by academics from the University of Edinburgh and the University of Southampton – very credible indeed. The experts conducted an "umbrella review" of evidence from more than 200 studies that examined the effects of coffee consumption on health. As well as a lower chance of developing a cancer, coffee drinkers can also expect a lower chance of developing or dying from cardiovascular problems, such as heart attacks and stroke. Suddenly incorporating a coffee station in your office refurb makes perfect sense

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Staff will appreciate the caffeine hit

Many employees turn to a cup of coffee for a pick-me-up, a brain boost and a spark of energy – first thing in the morning or maybe during the 3pm slump. Now with the health benefits of the bean confirmed, isn’t it time you treated your team to fantastic flat white facilities or an in-house coffee shop fit for budding baristas?

When Starbucks met Lanes Plc

MPL Interiors has already helped many clients on the road to better coffee. At Lanes Plc, we worked to facilitate a heavily subsidized in-house Starbucks coffee shop as part of our 8,300 sq ft commercial refurbishment project. We also created the housing for a number of self-serve Starbucks dispensers throughout the Lanes office. Elsewhere, MPL Interiors created an open plan communal kitchen for Weald Wealth, with a large workspace/worktop area specified so staff could mingle over a coffee. Needless to say, we have designed and fitted numerous drinks stations in offices across the UK.

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Add an in-house coffee shop or drinks station

If you love a latte or crave a cappuccino, ask us about the hot drinks machines, refreshment stations and in-house coffee shops we can create for you and your staff. We can combine refreshments with booth or bar-style seating, and put hot drinks facilities at the heart of your reception or ‘welcome’ area. Ask us today for ideas.