You’d be forgiven for thinking Millennials and Generation Z are flighty types but new research casts doubt on their desire for a hyper-mobile working style..

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There’s a desire for private & permanent 

Ricoh – a leader in document services, consulting, software and hardware – commissioned a study in tandem with Oxford Economics, entitled ‘The Economy of the People’. It found 93% of all employees unanimously agree that working from a fixed location is where they feel most productive, while 85% of employees stated their workstation and their wider interior office design was essential to productivity.

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Are you out of tune with employees?

It’s worth noting that these telling responses came from employees, whereas only 64% of executives thought a workstation was a driver of productivity – a warning shot that the hierarchy are not in tune with their workforce.

Commenting on the findings, John Reiners at Oxford Economics, said: “Though we hear often about trends to flexible co-working spaces and mobile working, our research shows that most workers want a private space at work with a workstation, environment and supporting infrastructure that helps them be productive.” If you're not providing the latter for your workforce, a commercial fit out can help.

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Home working may not be the answer

While granting the option of occasional home working still brings benefits (the same research found that only 26% of employees feel they are productive working from home), it should be considered a perk and not an engrained, everyday way of working. Employers need to note the research findings and react by creating a workplace where their employees feel most comfortable and focused.

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