Attracting good staff used to mean offering the highest wage but in a climate of poor wage growth, employees are increasingly being swayed by office culture - something than can be fostered by creative office design and build.

Up until the late 1990s, workplaces across the country were pretty standard. Suspended ceilings with white tiles, strip lighting, magnolia walls and perhaps flimsy cubicles that cut you off from the rest of your colleagues. Then the tech explosion happened, and brands like Google and Apple invaded the UK - bringing with them a love of design and a collaborative culture that revolutionised the workplace. Their office refurbishments in London were aspirational - and set the bar high for others to follow.

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Culture is as important as pay and promotion

It wasn’t long before tech culture attracted admiring glances, with the press reporting in-house ping pong tables, running tracks on the roof, crazy golf courses and even adult slides. This had a massive impact on recruitment, with employees judging a company on its office culture and design as much as it’s pay and promotion prospects.

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Is your office design aged or agile?

The agile way of working has since collided with left-field designs, with employees demanding flexible, open-plan spaces where they can choose to work in a variety of areas to suit their project or mood. Is your office fit for this new way of working?

Your office space plan, layout and even choice of office furniture will reflect your business values. Add in novel communal facilities and a nod to design trends, and you’re creating a culture people want to belong to.

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Make it a club everyone wants to join

Not only will existing staff feel inspired to repay employees with loyalty, future employees coming for an interview will take away the right impression and your industry will be buzzing about the office where everyone wants to work. If you’d like to explore a refreshed office design, contact MPL Interior today.