2020 is shaping up to be the year WeWork goes ‘woke’. So what is woke? It is an annoying yet trendy word used to describe anything and anyone aware of injustice, with a strong ethical conscience and moral compass.

Recent news indicates a spectacular 180-degree return to a modest ambience in workplaces. For instance, the trailblazing co-share workspace company WeWork plans to do away with its free beer and wine trademark in its North American offices - progressing towards more traditional office culture.

No more alcohol

The move comes at a turbulent time for the office space sharing business. It started to limit tenants’ alcohol consumption in 2018 – locking down beer taps at certain times - amid accusations of excessive use and reports of unwanted assaults on workers. This move was followed by the ousting of its CEO amid questions over WeWork’s finances.

The business press reported that WeWork will swap draught lager and Chenin blanc for healthier options. Therefore, workers enjoy cold brew coffee, kombucha(a fermented concoction known for its health benefits), seltzer (the swish term for carbonated water) and the most old-fashioned of drinks - tea.

Healthy food is your choice

A WeWork tenant has also spoken out about a switch to elaborate fruit waters. An exciting announcement that the company was going with an all-vegan, all-plant menu in terms of any catering it offered may be a fad. Although deemed a trend, awoke office lifestyle has its merits. Mainly when executed with care and promoted without pomp. The good news is you don’t have to go all-out woke to please your workforce – compromise is key. So nobody is excluded.

Here are some ‘woke’ but not wacky workspace interior ideas and office additions you could adopt:

  • Stock the kitchen fridge with plenty of fruits and vegetables that appeal to vegans, vegetarians and those following a plant-based diet
  • Ensure you provide dairy milk alternatives for teas and coffees – cater to a wide variety of foods and lifestyles with oat, soy, almond and coconut options.
  • Have a zero-tolerance policy on unnecessary plastic – find a quick guide on reducing an office’s reliance on plastic here
  • Adopt a smarter approach to water consumption - our blog on better staff hydration is a good read if you want to cut single-use plastic and get staff to drink more water.
  • Convert to a biophilic office design for a better connection with nature and a health boost - know more about this style of office fit-out here
  • Facilitate all types of commutes to work – add secure bike storage, showers, and car charging points so people can cycle, walk or travel by electric vehicle

MPL Interiors can help you adopt a more woke way of work. Ask for our workspace refurbishment advice.