The new Google headquarters, London is on track for completion in 2024 and with every year that passes, new details about how the workplace will look are revealed. Along with widely known features, including a rooftop running trail, a multi sports centre and a swimming pool, we now know the ‘groundscaper’ in Kings Cross will feature 250 metres of shop fronts and community spaces designed to engage the wider London community and not just Google workers.

The new building will offer the 4,500 ‘Googlers’, as they’re known, some of the most cutting-edge workplace interior design and working environments. But while there is much to be admired, there are very few businesses who have a £1 billion budget to create a new workplace from scratch.

Despite this, there is much to take away from Google’s new headquarters – trends and aspects that can be adapted by any company wanting to refresh its workplace. Here’s three ways to take Google’s grand plans and modify them for your office:-

1. Swap the landscaped roof garden for a balcony or courtyard: something akin to a mature woodland will be planted atop Google HQ’s 11th floor – a space designed for employees to relax and for wildlife to thrive. It’s more likely your office will have a small courtyard, a balcony or even an unattractive hard standing by some parking bays. Even the smallest of outside areas can be maximised with planters filled with insect-friendly flowers, a seating area and even a small water feature.

2. Replace the rooftop running trail with after-activity facilities: while most offices can’t provide such grand facilities for those who like to keep fit, office owners can make changes to encourage an active lifestyle. The addition of showers, lockers and a secure bike room will appeal to those who cycle to work or use their lunch break to exercise.

3. Change cafés to coffee stations: part of Google’s community contribution is to ensure its ground floor space can be used by the general public, and cafés will play their part in welcoming local residents and tourists. We’ve already written about how coffee can increase footfall but even behind closed doors, swapping a basic kettle for a dedicated coffee station - complete with barista-quality machine, drinks fridge and a relaxed seating area - can encourage employee engagement and provide valuable break-out space.

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