An increasing number of our clients are undertaking full workplace refurbishments and new commercial design fit outs without blowing financial reserves or having to find upfront payments.

Business owners are looking at leasing with fresh eyes - the smart way of breathing new life into an office environment. We’re working with WestWon – a company specialising in finance for businesses undertaking major projects – allowing companies to spread the cost of a refurbishment and new office furniture over 2, 3 or 5 years, typically. If you're planning an office refurb London or anywhere in the UK, there’s no upfront cost and attractive interest rates to keep repayments sensible.

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Invest in a workplace that retains & inspires staff

“It’s an unpredictable economical climate and ensuring financial reserves are healthy should be of paramount importance,” says MPL Interiors’ David Fowler. “At the same time, however, companies need to think about staff – making sure they’re productive, engaged and loyal. It’s proven that the right office environment helps retain employees and attract new talent - ignoring the suitability and appearance of your workplace will not help your holistic success, especially during changing market conditions.”

Want to work out the cost of an interior design project?

Our refurbishment cost calculator allows you to generate a guide figure in seconds.

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Keep financial reserves intact

Whether you occupy a commercial premise, have a High Street store or work from an open plan office, a refurbishment will help boost morale, focus output and define your brand. And it’s a change that doesn’t have to disrupt cash flow.

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Special VAT arrangements

“With leasing there is no large outlay and the arrangement does not affect your bank credit lines, leaving you to pursue other business opportunities,” adds David. “The VAT is also paid in instalments, for better affordability, and a lease agreement could potentially help reduce your tax bill as the rental payments are considered an allowable business expense.”

We’d love to introduce you to our leasing finance partners so they can give you some illustrative figures of monthly repayments. You’ll be surprised at how affordable a brand new office can be so give us a call.