What’s above your head can make a big impact in your office. Here’s MPL’s advice for using your ceiling to make a style statement.

Ceilings are often thought of as merely functional but in the world of office design, that bit above your head is a blank canvas just waiting to be personalised. Our design team think the traditional suspended ceiling with those white waffle tiles is unexciting so where possible, they use creative flair and cosmetics techniques to add an exciting lofty edge. Here’s what we have installed elsewhere, which takes boring and makes it brilliant:-

Paint it black

Ceilings don’t have to be white. If your office is blessed with lots of natural light or you’re a store with a glass shop front, you can get away with bolder colours on the ceiling. Our work for The Acorn Group took us to Sidcup, where we spray painted the ceiling and its associated fittings black to create a luxe yet industrial backdrop. We added extra overhead detail with a bespoke timber baton ceiling installation.

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A reflection of the floor

The refurbishment of Highcastle Estate’s Stratford office saw us include a number of timber plank-effect elements. As well as running the flooring up some of the walls, we covered a portion of the ceiling in wood-effect vinyl to reflect the theme in an unexpected place.

Face the drop

Flat ceilings call out for an extra dimension and we add this by creating feature drop ceilings. This structural element is often used to create a focal point in tandem with LED lighting – which can be colour matched – as seen in our work for Andrews in Bath. Drop ceilings can also be shaped to mirror what’s below, like the shape of a bank of desks or a bespoke reception counter.

Carry a theme up and over

We can continue any theme from the walls up to the ceiling and at Acorn’s new Kirkdale office, we chose to leave the air conditioning ducts exposed and left the ceiling untreated for a raw effect that fitted in with the rest of the warehouse design brief.

If you’re planning an office refurbishment, don’t forget your ceiling. To discuss edgy office designs that are sure to have your customers gazing heavenwards, get in touch today.